Marriage seems to be in the making for Kim and Kanye

Everyone is awaiting an update from Kim Kardashian and Kanye West regarding their plans of getting together officially. Nevertheless, the process still appears to be farfetched. One of the reasons for the “hold up” is directly related with Kim’s past relationship. Kim was married to Kris Humphries and as she rightly expressed on the talk show “The View”, she is technically still married to Kris and has to wait until the entire divorce process is culminated in order to move on with Kanye West.

Kim speaks of Kanye as being her perfect soul mate. She seems to cherish the relationship that they have and so far they have been going pretty okay. Her past relationship with Kris Humphries was rather short lived and speculations about ulterior motives being financially related have been made. Kim claims to feel a lot happier in her present relationship.

Many fans are concerned about the manipulating role that Kim’s mom, Kris Jenner, may play in the development and unfolding of wedding plans. Kris Jenner, who so happens to share the same first name with Kim’s ex – husband Kris Humphries, has been actively influencing the decisions that her daughters make about their relationship and their lives in general. Speculations about her involvement in the release of the sex tape scandal between Kim Kardashian and Ray J have been made following the incident. It is believed that if Kris Jenner plans a wedding for Kim and Kanye it will be disastrous because her sole purpose would be geared towards profiting as much as she can from the event. The view of many critics is that she is very money oriented and lacks the true values of a mother.

Her attention seems to be directed mainly towards the reality TV show and the promotion of the same by all possible means. The general anticipation is that Kris Jenner would be kept far away from planning a wedding for Kim and Kanye. Hopefully they would seek proper advice on the topic before proceeding with the same.

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