Kim Kardashian at the heart of the Israel – Palestine crisis

Once more Kim Kardashian has made news; but this time it’s very much way out of her league! With the political unrest and military turmoil that is currently taking place between Israel and the Palestines all attention has been diverted towards establishing peace talks between both nations in order to curb the existing problems and to end the death of many innocent civilians. The exchange of missile launches between both sides has sparked unrest for days.

Amidst all the commotion, Kim Kardashian saw it fit to send out two tweets regarding the situation. Her first tweet emphasized that she was praying for everyone in Israel. Following the first tweet Kim later resorted to post a second tweet stating that she was praying for the people of Palestine and across the world. Following her second post and after receiving negative remarks by a large part of her followers she decided to remove both posts and to offer an apology and explanation for what she had done.

Kim explained that her intentions were genuinely geared towards praying for everyone who was going through the hardships of the unrest regardless of political and religious beliefs. She did not think for a moment that it would be interpreted in an offensive manner. Most of the followers and critics later agreed that everyone has the right to express his/ her thought freely and saw no problem in what she did. Some critics even claimed that they were no fans of Kim but that her actions were good. Kim Kardashian needs to be careful with the use of social media. Posting and then removing is a sign of insecurity and lack of confidence. Perhaps a general comment without pinpointing sides in the first instance would have been perfectly okay! As a public figure you can be quickly misjudged by your words or actions – the best thing may just be silence!

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